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Welcome to our concept of how modern day coffee shops should be. COMMUN-IT in Ruislip is the first of a chain of community based cafés dedicated to helping the young and the old get to grips with new technology in a friendly, supportive environment.

We are a not for profit Community Interest Company which means that every penny of profit we make is ploughed back into creating more resources for the local community.

We are the café with a heart in the heart of your community.


COMMUN-IT is the creation our founder Casey Farquharson who has two passions; technology and community. He sees COMMUN-IT as an opportunity to bring these two passions together under one roof.

COMMUN-IT café, located at 214 Whitby Road Ruislip, is the first in a chain of cafés that Casey hopes to establish in the next few years. It serves as digital hub for the local neighbourhood and we hope will help to revive the small local shopping parade.

Casey believes that technology can be a pathway to help people connect with each other and helping people towards personal growth. He would like COMMUN-IT to be the new village hall where all generations come together to discover: new technology, new skills and above all get to know each other.


We are much more than an internet café offering you free wi-fi for the price of a cup of tea or coffee.

We are a digital hub for everyone. If you are just getting started, we have a team of friendly experts to help you with tips, advice and step by step instruction. Try new technology such as virtual reality headsets and 3D printing and we run training sessions covering a wide range of topics from coding and photography to legal clinics and language courses.

Looking for some time out? Try the latest Xbox and PlayStation games or take a break from screens with a game of chess or other traditional board games such as Monopoly.

Oh and by the way we also serve speciality teas and coffees from around the world as well as hot and cold snacks, ice creams, milkshakes and smoothies.

Casey Farquharson

Founder and Owner
Innovative thought leader in the world of technology and education. Self taught, self motivated, self driven entrepreneur with a real drive to provide opportunity to those from less privileged backgrounds. 25 years working with technology and 12 years in education.

Janos Bagoly

Marketing Manager
He's continually working to draw people together around a common purpose, in whatever role he's in. With his Flexible and Adaptable approach to business, he genuinely is committed to helping others succeed.

SuiLi Clarke

Education Team

Alex Perera

A talented young man who has a strong passion for tech. When was 9 he had already made his first website, then continued to create a Java application at 13 by the age of 15 he had made a Gaming PC that is now used as an E-Mail server. Since then he has helped hundreds of children to have a better understanding of computers, coding, and virtual reality.

Andreas Pandeli

From a young age, he was always been interested in fixing broken devices by taking them apart and making them work again also be a self-motivated person with driving to better himself in it industry 


Commun-IT Place
214 Whitby Road
Ruislip, Middlesex

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