Patricia - Local Resident

As I was passing by to go to the chemist next door I saw a nice lady at the door who has explained what’s was it all about. When I bought my phone in as I had some problems with texting, a very nice young gentleman helped me out in no time. We always needed a place like yours as the other shops are not much use for us, however, you will be because people needs you have got to offer. The children particularly can use this place to do their homework or have fun.

I definitely will recommend your place to my friends and family, as I really like the decor and the service is very friendly, and most of all you serve “Proper Café”

Ned - Local Resident

As a local retired man, I really liked the idea that you aim to support the local community as it is in the name “Commun-IT” when I picked one of your leaflets up I thought to come along and see what is all about. We needed the place like that long ago. I’ll recommend you guys to my friend or family whenever they’ll have some tech issues.

Loretta - Local Yoga Teacher

As a yoga teacher, I needed some help with social media so I popped in and the member of the staff show me few tricks and ideas how can I boost my business on social media. And all it cost me a cup of coffee. I’ll definitely recommend Commun-IT to my friends and family.


Commun-IT Place
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Ruislip, Middlesex

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