Make us your first port of call for all your technology needs.

We offer IT support, access to latest technology including 3D printing and Virtual Reality, a recording studio for music, a wide choice of training courses and workshops.

We offer a membership programme for regular customers, with benefits including free drinks, discounts on courses, and IT support. And we have a host of business support services to help microbusinesses.


Technology can be both exciting and scary. Are you struggling to get to grips with a new phone?

Or not quite getting to grips with a new app? We have a team of experts who will patiently guide you in a language you understand.

Is your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop playing up? Bring it in and we’ll fix it in quick time.


These guys are amazing! Not only did they fix my laptop without the slightest fuss, but I was treated to what is probably the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had

Range of Support

Home IT Support

In store Computer Support

Computer Repair

Anti Virus

Mobile Device Support

Game console Support

Software Upgrade

hardware upgrades

Home Network Setup

device tutorials

Computer diagnosis

SSD drive Upgrade


  • Repair service for broken devices from mobile phones to computers.
  • Help to set-up your new device.

Overwhelmed by apps and programmes? We will take you through step by step.



Q & A

Is my device going to be in safe hands?
All of our engineers are experienced and trustworthy they working with us for many years
How long will it take to fix a computer issue?
It's depends on the nature of the issue but generally a couple of days.
How expensive your services are?
Our prices are very competitive. We also believe in adding value to our services.
How much do I save on your services if I take any of your membership?
All the saving are different, depends on the membership you take. All of them has their own benefits plus the discounts that you'll receive with them.

In store computer clinic

Although most of us have grown accustomed to using devices such as desktops, laptops, and tablets, the risk of malfunction is never too far away. We are here to help resolve any issues or problems you come across.

To find out more, just book a visit.


We'd love to show you around – let's make a time.

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Are you feeling overwhelming by the constant pressures of running your own business? Are struggling to find a balance between keeping the books and business development?

We will provide you with the necessary business support to make your life easier, operations much smoother, and your business far more profitable.

Contact us today to discuss your needs

Home IT Support

Technology such as desktops, laptops, and tablets are now a part of everyday life. But as with most things, devices can develop problems. We are here to solve any software or hardware problems you come across.

To find out more just book a visit.

Computer Repair

In a digital age where-in we’re so highly dependent on technology, most of us store everything from files, various passwords, pictures and videos of some of our dearest and most special moments, to contact lists and other important data, the fear of devices developing problems has never been greater.

But don't worry. We are here to ensure your data and most precious files and documents will never be lost.

Whether it’s a hardware or software issue, or you simply want to upgrade your beloved device, we have the solution.

Anti Virus

 Most of our personal and business lives are stored-up in various devices, be-it smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

There are various solutions for protecting your devices. But which is the right one for you? Book a visit for a free consultation, and we will help you identify the best solution for you.

Mobile Device Support

When it comes to hand-held devices, we are your local experts. Whether it’s unlocking your phone, fixing your screen, or safely transferring data from one device to another, simply visit our café, and we’ll address your specific needs.

Game console support

Tired of putting-up with a faulty or dilapidated game console?

We’ll fix it.

Software Upgrade

There will always come a time when a software upgrade isn’t just a desire, but a critical necessity.

Visit us today for the very best solution.

hardware upgrade

When that inevitable decision to upgrade your hardware arrives, we’ll help you make the right decision.

Visit us today for the best solution.

Home network set up

Struggling to get all your devices and software working in synch?

Our mission is to always make your life easier; and as such, we’re fully equipped to align and synchronise all your devices in order for you to be stress-free.

Visit us today, and we’ll have all your devices singing in one voice.

Device Tutorials

Want to know how to get more from your handset? Want to maximise the potential of your laptop and other devices?

We’ll empower you with the tools, knowledge, and understanding to get the very best from all your technology.

Pop in today for your free tutorial.

Computer Diagnosis

Is your computer or laptop giving you headaches?

Visit us today, and we’ll assess the problem and identify the solution.

SSD drive upgrade

Thinking of boosting your computer with the new SSD drive?

We’ll do it for you. Visit us today.


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