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Running a business can often be stressful, and at times overwhelming, as you juggle so many different tasks and responsibilities, ranging from accounts, business development, to social media and admin.

We have a team of tried and trusted experts in IT, book keeping, telesales, social media, website development, admin, coaching, mentoring and much more, to not only take the stress away, but also give you valuable time for strategic planning.

Our Virtual Office provides support in a variety of essential areas, such as IT, book keeping, social media and admin.

Loretta local Yoga Teacher

As a self-employed yoga instructor, I needed to learn how to use social media to create more awareness. I visited Commun-IT’s café and was given a two-hour session on how to utilise social media to create awareness and generate new business. I learned so much from them. And all it cost me was a coffee.

Thank you so much, Commun-IT. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.

Range of Support

Tech Support

Training Centre

Start up Support

Digital Marketing



Book Keeping

Web Design

Legal Clinic

Business Networking

Virtual Office

Graphic Design


  • Virtual office service
  • Small office spaces for rent
  • Handpicked experts and resources to support your business




What sort of Tech Support are you providing?

All technology related support is provided for your business which includes the standard computers, servers and networks as well as mobile phones, portable devices, printers, audio and visual etc

What sort of workshops do you have?
There is a long list of a various workshop, check out our events calendar to see which suits you the best.
How often do you organise these networking events?
It will start from September on Friday mornings.

Tech Support

A one-stop-shop for all your technical support.

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We'd love to show you around – let's make a time.

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Training Centre

We run training programmes for both business owners and individuals.

Check our events calendar for more detail.

Start Up Support

Starting a new business is both exciting and fulfilling. But as with all businesses, it is often riddled with all manner of challenges and obstacles.

We have tailored training and mentoring programmes, as well as specifically selected business services packages to support and empower start-up businesses to succeed.

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Digital Marketing

Over eighty percent of people make subscription decisions on their mobile phone.

In today’s digital world, access to information is easier than ever before. As such, online and digital marketing is now an absolute must for any business. Digital Marketing and Social Media are now major components of business development plans.

Struggling to identify the best digital marketing plan for your business?

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If you need to print out an email or need to scan save or copy any important document come along and we will do it for you in format you need.


One of the key factors that separates successful business owners and entrepreneurs from the rest is a profound thirst for continuous learning and development.

Are you looking for new ways to re-energise your business? Are you feeling bereft of ideas and strategies?

Covering a range of topics, from business strategy to business development, to creating a business plan, our workshops are not only designed to upskill your knowledge and knowhow, but also to improve your business network.

Book Keeping

Struggling to find time for book keeping as you focus all your energies on creating awareness and generating revenue?

We’ll take care of your book-keeping for you.

Contact us today to find out more.

Web Design

Are you paying enough attention to your web presence?

In a world where-in most people make their decisions on their mobile phone, a strong online presence is absolutely vital to any business’s success.

A good website is no longer a luxury, but an absolute ‘must have’.

Don’t know how?

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Legal Clinic

Struggling to get a firm grasp of the legal world?

Or are you looking for legal support?

Our legal clinics are designed to both educate and advise.

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Business Networking

Need to make more connections for your business?

The key to business success is relationships. Our Business Networking events are centered not on how many business cards you can collect, but purely focused on building solid relationships. We believe your success lies in identifying how you can serve and collaborate with those in your sector.

Our monthly networking events give you the chance to meet, get to know, and share ideas with likeminded entrepreneurs in an informal environment.

Click on the link below for more information about Community Business Networking.

Virtual Office

Are you desperately seeking to separate your personal life from your business / work-life?

Our Virtual Office could be the perfect solution for you.

Contact us today.

Graphic Design

Need a new logo?

Are you trying to create a more effective brochure or flier?

Thinking of rebranding?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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