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Our Mission

As society becomes increasingly fragmented, the tendency is for more and more people to feel alone, isolated, and afraid. As a result, the intrinsic values that are so vital for sustaining the vibrant spirit of any community – empathy, care, kindness, and a sense of belonging, are fast becoming a distant memory.

Our mission is to restore the values that are so crucial for both community and nation-building – togetherness, unity, love, friendship, consideration, and mindset of service. Created specifically for the community, we aim to build a vibrant, strong, and prosperous Hillingdon Community via empowering you and your children to thrive and succeed in the digital age.

And there’s more – we’re not only passionate about your success, but even more so about your health and wellbeing. As such, we pride ourselves in our determination to restore love, kindness, and togetherness back into our community. Furthermore, our focus is on people of all ages. This is why our café is designed to be haven of sharing, socializing, relaxation, and support; thereby enabling us to create a Hillingdon Community of ‘thick networks’.

Join us for a coffee, chat, and even a game of chess.

Upcoming Events

We’re a non-profit social enterprise, all profits are ploughed back into creating even more resources to prosper the community. We continuously invest in improving and upscaling our trainings, kids-clubs, and various other community initiatives.


  • One stop shop for all your technology needs
  • Technology training and support
  • Trusted repair service - in shop and at home
  • Latest new technology
  • Training courses and workshops
  • Homework
  • Holiday club
  • Weekend club




Our promise to you
We all know how annoying spam can be so here at COMMUN-IT we will only ever send you information that you request. You can be safe in the knowledge that we will respect your privacy by never passing your information on to other agencies.
What will happen next
You will receive an email to confirm you are a part of the COMMUN-IT (aka Community). Please click the link to confirm your acceptance to be entered into our monthly draw to win a variety of freebies.

Memberships  are available


We serve a choice of delicious teas and coffees from around the world as well as hot and cold snacks and other drinks.

Check out our full menu


Improve your skills or pick up new ones for both work and pleasure in a truly supportive environment



Need help with a new device or programme? Are you experiencing problems with your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop? We can help you.

Get your tech fixed as you have a chat and a coffee

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We host a regular programme of events for local groups and businesses

Contact us today to host and coordinate your event.



Are you a regular customer? Why not become a VIP? Sign-up for our membership programme. Benefits include free drinks, discounts, tech support, and free courses.

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Do you employ 5 or more people? Our business support services will give you both the capacity and resources to get to the very top.

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Founder quote:

Opportunity to experience as many things as possible is what allows us to grow as individuals and gain wisdom. I believe technology can be the catalyst towards that personal growth.

But we also need that human touch and all too often these days the generations live in silos separated from each other and harbouring unjustified suspicions about each other. At Commun-IT we want to break down these barriers and suspicions so that the generations can come together and get to know each other for the beautiful people that they truly are.


  • Your community digital hub
  • Delicious teas and coffees from around the world
  • Learn new skills for the digital age
  • Keep up to date with the latest technology
  • Get expert help with your mobile phone/tablet/laptop/desktop
  • Various events, programmes, and networking opportunities
  • Several options of membership for all levels of digital needs
  • Continuous support for microbusinesses

Not for profit

Freshly brewed coffee and homemade snacks

Training room for hire

Latest technology

Bringing the community together

Helpful and knowledgeable staff

  • Not for profit

  • Freshly brewed coffee and homemade snacks

  • Training room for hire

  • Latest technology

  • Bringing the community together

  • Helpful and knowledgeable staff

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Patricia local resident

As I walked past the café one day, I decided to enquire about the services Commun-IT provides. I was thrilled to learn that they not only provide a place for people to learn, share, and relax, but also repair phones and laptops. I returned with my problematic phone the next day, and within minutes it was fixed. So, not only was I treated to some proper coffee, but by the time I left, my phone was as good as new. I’m so happy about this place, because the services they provide, such as the homework, weekend, and holiday clubs are so very needed.

I will definitely recommend this place to everyone I know.


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Ned local resident

As a retired local resident, I love the idea of a social enterprise that is entirely focused on developing the community. I recently popped in to have a chat with them, and must confess to being very impressed with the services on offer. I’ll definitely recommend Commun-IT to anyone I know that’s experiencing any problems with phone or computer.



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We are always on the lookout for motivated people to join our team. We also offer placements for interns wanting to get some experience. Contact us for more details.


Running a small business often means having to wear several hats trying to take care of everything from the accounts to marketing and IT.

We have a team of tried and trusted experts in IT, bookkeeping, telesales, social media, websites, web hosting, admin, coaching and mentoring to help you get ahead of the game.

We have a range of great value options to provide the support you need.

The Virtual Office gives you a helping hand in areas such as IT support, bookkeeping, social media and web hosting. If you’re tired of working in your bedroom, you might like to try our hot desk or fixed desk options with enhanced support services. And if you are ready to set up an office, we even have small office package with comprehensive back up services.


We have a wide-ranging programme of workshops and clinics, networking events that are open to everyone. We even run a homework club. Take a look at the calendar for full details.

Come and visit us

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Commun-IT Place
214 Whitby Road
Ruislip, Middlesex

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0 333 4444 22 7

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