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Software Development Technician

Course Aims

  • Employer – Enables your organization to create its own developer team.

  • Learner – Our programme will teach you everything you need to become a coder and get into your first developer role.

  • The Learner will have to learn a lot about the business in order to achieve this qualification and the Employer will benefit from having an in-house developer.

About This Course

The Software Development Technician Apprenticeship was produced in collaboration with employers to create a course that would not only teach lots of great new skills to the learner but would also have a useful and long-lasting impact on the business.

Anyone interested in coding, web design, or software development within an organization should be put on this course as it really does mean they have to understand the business they work in, as well as all the relevant skills for developers including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C# and ASP.Net. You will study all these languages before specializing in the area which most suits your talents and career aspirations.

A Software Development Technician typically works as part of a software development team, to builds simple software components (whether web, mobile, or desktop applications) to be used by other members of the team as part of larger software development projects. They will interpret simple design requirements for discrete components of the project under supervision. The approach will typically include implementing code, which other team members have developed, to produce the required component. The Software Development Technician will also be engaged in testing that the specific component meets its intended functionality.

Trainer &
Level 3
12-18 Months

Key Benefits for the Employer

Produce Clean, Efficient Code Based On Specifications
Work With Developers To Design Algorithms And Flowcharts
Integrate Software Components & Third-Party Programs
Verify & Deploy Programs And Systems
Troubleshoot, Debug & Upgrade Existing Software
Gather & Evaluate User Feedback
Recommend & Execute Improvements
Create Technical Documentation For Reference & Reporting
Working With Customers or Departments On Technical Issues

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