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What our Wonderful Learners are saying

My trainer…helps me regain energy

My trainer uses ad-hoc breaks to help me regain energy after difficult topics


Better way to connect with your customers…

I learnt more about longtail keywords and how they are used to gain a better way to connect with your customers as this will lead to more sales. Using specific and longer keyword phrase to drive customers to your website and lead to a much more profitable bottom line. I also looked some various types of marketing campaign and how some are more beneficial than others for our company.

Sui Li

I actually enjoy the apprenticeship.

I actually enjoy the apprenticeship.


Print media that attracted our target audience

I am proud of the creation of the marketing posters…because it was professional looking print media that attracted our target audience. Also the fast and efficient video editing at the beginning of my apprenticeship course. I created branding with appropriate colour scheme and typography applied to every single video, which showed a consistent pattern.

My greatest achievement in my learning will be creating a professional website, as my knowledge in digital marketing and web design was poor before this course. I managed to develop my skills in those particular spheres, and I aim to go higher and higher. My greatest achievement in my work will be contributing to a massive project that will boost the brand awareness and the sales in our company.


Tend to learn more things in class…

I tend to learn more things in class…happy overall with how things have been progressing.


It made me more motivated to do my job…

I’m happy with the sessions as it is better than what I expected it to be. I’m enjoying learning more about software development and coding. I enjoyed doing the online lessons…It made me more motivated to do my job.

I enjoyed the lesson as I got an insight as to how projects would work in a firm. I realised that working in a team rather than yourself is more beneficial as you can get more ideas. I got to see how you would interact with clients.

I was able to learn new coding techniques quickly, such as PHP and CSS. I designed the interface and coded it using HTML and CSS… I also successfully implemented a login and register system which was coded with PHP and MySQL. I was able to write data into a database and validation when users logged in. I learnt how to do session times outs.


I am encouraged…I am challenged

I am encouraged to participate in session if I drift off. I am challenged to make attempts even if I don’t know the answer.


My trainer goes through it properly

I like the way that if we are struggling my trainer goes through it properly and makes sure we understand it.


My contributions…have a positive impact

I feel that my contributions to the class have a positive impact on other learners


Found it quite helpful

I was able to recall the stages of the development cycle and started to learn how to use more features of teams and found it quite helpful. I was able to identify my weak areas for the apprenticeship and I know what I need to work towards.


It’s fantastic and projects are…really interesting…

The classroom debates and discussions are engaging and I do get involved. Class content really picked up, it’s fantastic and projects are leading to some really interesting stuff being produced.


Session is perfect…

The class and session is perfect as the teaching goes…


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