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How has corona virus (covid-19) affected workplace training?

Workplace training can continue whilst respecting all covid-19 safety measures. The majority of programmes have moved online into a distance learning model. Many types of software have shot up in popularity and it has also caused newcomers into this space to service the demand. Undoubtedly everyone is concerned as to whether this really substitutes the in-person teaching and training that people are used to. Commun-IT has launched a bespoke LMS set up to accommodate an excellent learning experience for all our apprentices.

Age is nothing but a number in vocational training

People of all ages are using apprenticeships for their CPD, career progression, change of job, or to pursue new jobs and opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to do. It leads to formal qualifications with serious progression prospects. It is still funded and has an extremely low barrier to entry. You need Maths and English at Level 2 (GCSE Grade C / 4) and even if you don’t have it, the Government will also pay for you to obtain it during your apprenticeship. Age is no barrier.

How to save jobs and afford staff after furlough ends

There is no doubt that businesses, organisations and their market landscapes have entirely changed due to covid-19. The Government has recognised both the high number of job losses despite the furlough scheme since 2020, alongside the incredibly high number of jobs at risk when furlough ends. There is a unique solution to job losses that we explain here.

Make the most of furlough and your staff returning to work

Normally, CPD and staff training takes away from the work-week. If your staff are on furlough, it is the best time to undertake training. Best of all, training is government funded and results in an approved national qualification, alongside a £3,000 cash incentive per employee that you train.

Looking for a new job after losing my job

If you have you regretfully lost your job even though you know the business needs your talent and skills, you might be able to save your current job or jump into a new opportunity quite quickly. Are you happy to undertake training? If so, read on to understand some unique and timely options for your job search. What do you want to do? If you are happy to train using 20% of your work hours, read on…

How to save my job after furlough

If the following things apply to you, you are in a perfect position to save your current job: I prefer a salary cut than losing my job completely; I am happy to train and improve my digital skills; I want to train in either creative content or IT skills.

Recruitment Practices for a Post-Covid19 Economy

There are a select number of industries and organisations coping or thriving in a restricted economy. These organisations are recruiting and even growing, amid a backdrop of mass job loss and risk. What can organisations do to save their talent and their workforces? Read on…

Government cash incentives for employees for training their employees

Employers who hire a new apprentice between 1 August 2020 and 31 March 2021 can claim financial incentives from the government of up to £3,000. The incentive is paid for any staff member, current or new, who is trained or put on CPD through the apprenticeship format.

Unprecedented £3,000 limited time cash incentive for apprenticeship training

An apprentice can be a current member of staff, or a new hire. The incentive does not have to be paid back and can be spent as needed, such as towards the salary of the apprentice in question. How can you say no to a new member of staff for 32 hours a week for a full year, at a cost of circa £4,000? Especially when Commun-IT can take care of recruitment for you!

The charity work you can support in your local schools

How do you give money to a charity for free? Education Technology Community (ETC) Charity is funded to undertake a charitable project in a school, each time an employer of any size places a member of staff on an Apprenticeship Training Programme with Commun-IT. This helps towards Commun-IT’s mission to support education at all levels, whilst operationally we deliver post-16 training ourselves. We cannot help but be amazed at the impact ETC has had in schools and on children, teachers and parents.

How our bespoke Content Marketer course can transform any business

The fundamentals of business have not changed. As a business, you must understand the role of ‘digital’ and ‘technology’ in these same fundamental activities. The bespoke Junior Content Marketer (JCM) Apprenticeship is the prime cut; a contemporaneous manifestation of economic need, business goals and employer ambition. This gold-dust-of-a-course is sure to amaze if your business wants more customers and more revenue.

Why would a teacher be a good choice for apprenticeship training?

The notion of teachers staying qualified is infamous due to INSET days: Teachers all have ongoing ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) that keeps them up to date with laws, regulation, expectation, guidance and much more. What then, is in place by way of digital skills for teachers? Commun-IT highly recommends any professional who’s job role requires computer literacy, to consider IT Apprenticeship Training.

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