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How has corona virus (covid-19) affected workplace training?

Thursday, 25 Feb 2021

Workplace training can continue whilst respecting all covid-19 safety measures. The majority of programmes have moved online into a distance learning model. Many types of software have shot up in popularity and it has also caused newcomers into this space to service the demand. Undoubtedly everyone is concerned as to whether this really substitutes the in-person teaching and training that people are used to.

Commun-IT has launched a bespoke LMS set up to accommodate an excellent learning experience for all our apprentices. It maintains a strong sense of awareness by both learner and trainer on matters of progress, hurdles and training plans. We continue to improve our systems so that we can deliver our specialist range of creative and digital courses. They are industry focused and crafted specifically to employer needs – learners get the experience that they need for their aims and their job role.

In some cases, End Point Assessment organisations (EPAOs) have allowed people to sit assessments without returning to work during the pandemic. In other cases, people cannot complete their qualification without creating evidence for all the workplace components of their training. However, EPAOs are adapting their policies, therefore there will be a resolution in all cases.

If you are furloughed, there is no better time to upskill as you can focus on training that you can take back to work to create immediate impact. If you skill up in digital marketing for instance, you would know how to generate more customers and earnings for your workplace through things like Search Engine Advertising or Social Media Campaigns.

If you are interested in better job security and future-proofing your skills for the job market, express your interest here so that one of our advisors can guide you.

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