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We believe in digital skills education and access for all

Our Story

COMMUN-IT is the creation of our founder who has two passions; technology and community. He sees COMMUN-IT as an opportunity to bring these two passions together under one roof.

The founder believes that technology can be a pathway to help people connect with each other and helping people towards personal growth. He would like COMMUN-IT to be the new village hall where all generations come together to discover: new technology, new skills and above all get to know each other.

What we do

We are a digital hub for everyone. If you are just getting started, we have a team of friendly experts to help you with tips, advice, and step by step instruction. Try new technology such as virtual reality headsets and 3D printing and we run training sessions covering a wide range of topics from coding and photography to legal clinics and language courses.

Looking for some time out? Try the latest Xbox and PlayStation games or take a break from screens with a game of chess or other traditional board games such as Monopoly.


We believe in lifelong learning for our team and for our clients. To achieve this, we develop our courses to meet business needs and the latest tech innovations.


We invest our time, energy and expertise in to our team and our clients. these relationships are long term partnerships that produce business benefits from the latest technology and digital methods, applications and ideas.

Quality Assured

Our passionate staff is experienced in tailoring solutions to businesses include upskilling current staff, or new apprentices and administering training courses.

Some Of Our Most Ambitious Goals For The Next Few Years

As technology becomes increasingly relevant in our lives, it has become critical to explore and understand the ins and outs of its functioning.

Today’s generation was born with technology in their lives and it only makes sense for them to learn it along with other subjects of their curriculum.

However, we’ve not reached a stage yet where technology is taught as part of the curriculum and hence, we believed it is essential for this knowledge to be taught in some way or the other in a formal set up.

We act as a collaborator to schools and employers; partnering with their staff members to provide these crucial Digital Skills that are essential in the Modern Digital World.

This is all made available through the apprenticeships program, After-School Digital skills clubs, and Ideas Bus.

Our goal is to offer (today’s essential) free IT knowledge and digital skills to communities throughout the country.

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