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Our Mission Statement

Our focus has always been on the local community.

We offer digital skills apprenticeships training to micro and small businesses, charities and third sector organisations, and the local public sector.


We Genuinely Care about Everyone and Want Everyone to Feel Safe and Happy

Part of our drive as a group is to make sure everyone is aware of not only how they should treat others, but also how they should treat themselves.  The first step for everyone should be awareness of what is right or wrong behaviours and acceptable or unacceptable practices.

When people can understand how to love themselves and show compassion for others, we will all live in a much happier and safer world.  We strive very hard to makes sure everyone understands how to not only keep themselves safe, but how to keep others safe too.


Everyone is Free to have their Own Opinions and Views

That said, when we manipulate people, and especially young people, into believing a particular belief without providing all the different viewpoints around the topic; this is without doubt an abhorrent act of cowardice.

We believe people are free to believe what they want to believe when they have all the neutral facts presented to them.

Child Protection

The World Belongs to Our Child and if they are Treated Right, what a Wonderful World it will be

We always say treat others as you would want them to treat you.  When a child has been mistreated or hurt, it is so very important for their spirit to be nurtured in a way that allows them to not only heal, but understand why things happened so they can move on with their lives in a positive manner.

Everyone should treat all children as if they were their own and it is one of the reasons why the group works within the industry of education.   To help young people!

Anti Slavery

Human Trafficking or Slavery is Repugnant

We are lucky enough to live in the Great British isles full of amazing diversity where we have strong rights and the Magna Carta to protect us.

No one has any right over another human being for anything.  We are firm that people always have a choice should be able to decide for themselves what they do with their lives.

Data Protection

Your Rights, Freedoms and Privacy are Important to us

Working within the digital industries and education, we are only too well aware of the dangers we are facing in today’s society regarding our data.

GDPR was a great win for the people and is something we are very keen to follow the spirit of.

Equality and Diversity

Equal Opportunities Employer and Disability Confident

We are an equal opportunities employer and care deeply about access for all irrespective of your background or history.

As a group we are disability confident and have people from all races, religions, abilities and disabilities working together to achieve a better future for our children.

Environment & Sustainability

We are what we Eat, Breath and Touch

The world we live in is very important to our health.  Today we are learning more and more how the consumerist society is actually harming not only our mental health, but also our physical health.  Looking after our worlds natural beauties should be a priority now.

Teaching our children sustainable ways or living and not being such consumerist focused would make a big difference to the environment and ultimately to everyone’s health.

Procedures and Key Contacts

Learner Attendance

Learners within Comm-IT are expected to inform their own tutor – 24hr prior to the session starting if you can not attend.

These sessions are a required part of your attendance and you need to inform your tutor.

Safeguarding Officer

Compliance Officer

Head of Apprenticeships


You can download the complaints policy here

Complaints Policy

Get in Touch if you have any Questions

If you have a learner enquiry please be sure to use your learn email account and email For any other matters, please contact us on the details below.  Thanks

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