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Unified Communications Troubleshooter

Course Aims

  • Employer – benefit from a knowledgeable and skilled professional to get custom communications systems diligently tested for you in order to improve internal and external communications and improve the team’s collaborations.

  • Learner – will be apt to exercise job roles such as Unified Communications Desk Engineer, Unified Communications Field Engineer, Data Field Engineer, Voice Field Engineer, Microsoft Support Field Engineer, Microsoft Consultant.

About This Course

The Unified Communications Troubleshooter apprenticeship was produced in collaboration with employers to create a course that would not only teach lots of great new skills to the learner but would also have a useful and long-lasting impact on their business.

The primary responsibility of a Unified Communications Trouble Shooter is to provide customers (internal or external) with a specialist technical service to set them up on unified communications systems and to resolve problems when they arise.

This service can be delivered face-to-face, on the phone, or online.

They are required to install equipment and software and handle incidents and requests for help, including providing fault diagnostic across a broad range of unified communications technologies in accordance with business service level agreements.

The challenge most small and local businesses face is that hiring a professional full-time is too expensive but hiring a company to do it may become even more costly.

So, what can you do?

Well, by having one of your employees enrolling an apprenticeship backed by the government or by hiring an apprentice into your ranks you are getting the best of both worlds.

You get to grow a professional from the inside, guide them by your company`s standards, and we will train them on the skills that will help your business grow to the next level.

While saving the time you would waste learning everything by yourself, you also save money, as one apprentice isn`t nearly as expensive as a professional.

Individual employers will set the selection criteria including relevant qualifications and experience. The apprentice is likely to be required to demonstrate an aptitude for functional maths and competence in written and spoken English.

Trainer &
Level 4
24 Months

Key Benefits for the Employer

Increase Productivity
Opting for a Unified Communications program can increase the productivity of your teams as it enables them to collaborate more closely.
More Business agility & expansion capacity
UC facilitates seamless collaboration between different global partners, and also external partners with features like Skype for Businesses.
Team Flexibility
No matter where you or any of your employees are, everyone can meet, message, and make calls while at home or in transit just like if they were in the office.
Reduced costs
By enabling your employees to connect their phones to the company`s cloud phone system and by using VoIP to make both mobile and landline calls over the internet, costs are considerably less than network provider costs.
More Available Time
Having someone else dealing with communications issues will free up your mind to more pressing issues that only you can solve, thus reducing your stress levels throughout the day.
Less administration & maintenance
A great benefit from this technology is that all information is stored in one place, which makes maintenance much easier and allows employees to access support and when needed instead of relying on other IT departments.

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