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Network Cable Installer

Course Aims

  • Employer – benefit from a knowledgeable and skilled professional to install your project cabling.

  • Learner – become a valuable and skilled Network, Structured, or Telecoms cable installer.

  • The learner should strive to deliver excellent and consistent levels of customer service as it is a vital part of the role. Installers work diligently to accurately interpret customer requirements and endeavor to meet high-quality standards.

About This Course

The Network Cable Installer apprenticeship was produced in collaboration with employers to create a course that would not only teach lots of great new skills to the learner but would also have a useful and long-lasting impact on their business.

The role of the network cable installer is to install, terminate, test, and certify network cable infrastructure components in accordance with National and International industry standards. This network infrastructure will provide the communications backbone for the digital infrastructure ecosystem, enabling all types of digital devices including computers, servers, smart devices, security equipment, wireless access points, access control, building management systems, and lighting systems to communicate with each other, internally, nationally and globally.

The skills learned in this apprenticeship are valuable to any telecoms or construction company and any person who has this qualification will be seen as an extremely high-value employee.

The challenge most small and local businesses face is that hiring a professional full-time is too expensive but hiring a company to do it may become even more costly. So, what can you do? Well, by having one of your employees enrolling an apprenticeship backed by the government or by hiring an apprentice into your ranks you are getting the best of both worlds. You get to grow a professional from the inside, guide them by your company`s standards, and we will train them on the skills that will help your business grow to the next level, while you will be saving time you don`t have to waste by learning yourself, and saving you money as one apprentice isn`t nearly as expensive as a professional.

Individual employers will set the selection criteria including relevant qualifications and experience. The apprentice is likely to be required to demonstrate an aptitude for functional maths and competence in written and spoken English.

Trainer &
Level 3
12-18 Months

Key Benefits for the Employer

Improve Efficiency
By having an onsite IT Solutions Technician your company improves the efficiency of its systems as your own professional will be familiar with all the hardware and software in use.
Control Costs
Save money on travel expenses and overhead costs by having an on-demand network managed by an ITST.
Quick Resolution Of IT Issues
Have any technical issues and outages, fixed as soon as possible to minimize downtime, and consequently, profitability for your organization.
Real-time data and regular reporting
Having an IT professional to report use and need plays an essential role in ensuring the infrastructure in place is not only allowing to fix problems as soon as they happen but can also prevent some upcoming issues that detected upfront won`t have such a big impact on the company if any.
More Available Time
Having someone else dealing with technical issues will free up your mind to more pressing issues that only you can solve, reducing your stress levels throughout the day.
Higher Credibility
Having your associates, employees, and customers witness you controlling the machine, will make you feel a boost of confidence which in turn builds credibility amongst your peers.

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