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Junior Content Marketer

Course Aims

  • Employer – Provided with Lots of Marketing Content that can be used in the Business
  • Learner – Have the opportunity to create lots of different content for their Employer and learn lots of new digital skills
  • The Learner will have to learn a lot about the business in order to achieve this qualification and the Employer will benefit from some amazing content being created and marketed

About This Course

The Junior Content Marketer was produced in collaboration with employers to create a course that would not only teach lots of great new skills to the learner, but would also have a useful and long lasting impact on the business.

Everyone in an organisation should be put on this course as it really does mean they have to understand the business they work in, create some great content that is relevant to their area of expertise and help market the business and generate growth and revenue.

The skills learned on this course are valuable to any organisation and any person who has this qualification will be seen as a very high value employee. These days content is king in the world of marketing and having someone who can not only tell you how to do digital marketing but go ahead and create the content and funnels for it are very sought after individuals.
Trainer &
Level 3
12-18 Months

Key Benefits for the Employer

Keyword/Market Analysis
For you Website or a Competitors Website
Website Review & Update
Or Create New if you don’t have one
Landing Page Creation
Based on Keyword/Market Analysis
Update Website SEO
And Optimise the Website
Directory Listing Submissions
Along with Referral & Reputation Management
Pay Per Click Campaigns
Set up for Search Engines & Social Media
Professional Written Articles/Blogs
With Researched and Current Topics
Customer Email Marketing Campaign
Created, Configured, Updated and Implemented
PR Articles Written and Published
Creation of Database of Relevant Journalists for Your Industry
Sales Brochure/Booklet Created
Available in All Forms, Both Online and Offline
Video Promo Videos Created
Scripted, Created, Edited and Posted
Social Media Marketing Campaign Created
With a Library of Content Scheduled

Brochure for Junior Content Marketer

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