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Commun-IT = Community Social Responsibility

When you place one of your staff on a course with Commun-IT, you are also supporting a local charity initiative that helps local schools and young people. Find out how you help combat mental health issues, create opportunities for the disadvantaged, and increase social mobility by placing your apprentice with Commun-IT.


With our apprenticeships and training services, we support employers to hire and develop the skills of their employees into great IT, Digital, and Tech professionals.

  • Suitable for current employees
  • Suitable for newly employed apprentices
  • Support from the government


We help aspiring people to start careers in tech.

The route through apprenticeships is a quick and affordable way into a tech career.

  • Certified training
  • Earn new valuable skills
  • High-quality apprenticeships delivered by expert trainers

12 Reasons To Employ An Apprentice Or Upskill Your Current Staff

  • Generous Government Incentives


  • Bring New Skills Into Your Business


  • Reward Your Current Staff


  • Community Social Responsibility (CSR) Opportunities


  • Update Your business With The Latest Technologies


  • Give Staff A New Motivation And Productivity


  • Lockdown Proof Training


  • Training Suitable For Furloughed Staff


  • Lower Recruitment Costs


  • Forge A Culture Of Development And Fresh Ideas


  • Give Current Staff A New Joy


  • High-quality apprenticeships delivered by expert trainers


Charity & Social Enterprises Supported
ETC Charity

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