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Gained immediate financial returns for all our marketing…

The video and website our apprentice put together was well received, and he even took onboard some customer feedback after the launch and updated it further. We gained immediate financial returns for all our marketing efforts led by a highly motivated apprentice. Thanks to Commun-IT for finding someone for us.

Green Lane View

Staff gained a number of skills in a short amount of time…

Our current staff gained a number of skills in a short amount of time from their Creative Content training and improved our online discoverability. We will consider taking on new hires through the programme due to the benefits we’ve had.

JR Uxbridge

Very glad…Commun-IT exceeded our expectations…

Definitely do not underestimate how lucky you can be as a business. The right team members are out there. We thought our requirements were too specific whilst there was pressure on the business to move to a larger work site and expand the team. Very glad to have used the managed service from Commun-IT because there was no stress and they exceeded our expectations with the recommended candidates.

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Commun-IT were very accommodating…

Commun-IT were very accommodating of our training schedule preferences. This helped massively with operations and keeping up our momentum.

Community Coding Club

Very pleased with the direct outputs…

We have not taken up the charity offer yet but are looking forward to doing so when schools properly reopen. We are very pleased with the direct outputs in our organisation such as Keyword and Competitor research. It was exciting to see our apprentice launch email campaigns end to end.

SME Digital

It was refreshing to see the value this adds.

While the apprentice was training, they brought in a host of marketing and content creation tools that reduced our overall team workload. This was through automation and other new techniques that the industry is using. When we are busy with the day-to-day running, we did not have time to explore new ways of working and it was refreshing to see the value this adds.

Class Academy

Perfect…to pick up a brand new skillset

The apprenticeship format was a perfect opportunity for our highly skilled technician to pick up a brand new skillset entirely and spearhead one of our greenfield projects.

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