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Looking for a new job after losing my job

Thursday, 25 Feb 2021

Are you facing a job loss?

Have you regretfully lost your job even though you know the business needs your talent and skills?

What do you want to do? If you are happy to train using 20% of your work hours, read on…

Do the following things apply to you?

  • I can work for less in my first year whilst I get trained
  • I would like a proper qualification in a digital skills subject
  • I want to train in either: creative content or IT skills

If all the above are true for your circumstances, you are in a perfect position to do one of the following:

  • ask a previous employer to hire you as an apprentice in a creative/digital role
  • start new role with a new employer – jobs in the sector have risen massively during covid-19
  • leave your details with us to match you to a job vacancy that is given to us by an employer

Fill in this form to tell us how we can help you.

Did you know that there are better options for your employer than to let you go? They can earn up to £3,000 for any staff member they put on training programme with us at Commun-IT.

Look at our qualifications and select the right one for you, then make your mind up to deliver the ‘key business benefits’ from that course in your workplace. See the section under the ‘key business benefits’ for Creative Content Producers or for IT Technicians – the two most in-demands skillsets by jobs since covid-19 began.

Tell your current and form colleagues because typically everyone can benefit from this career change if their job is at risk.

If you are already in a job and need assistance explaining this training opportunity, you can email for help! It is easy for you and your employer so do not hesitate, get in touch.

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