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Unprecedented £3,000 limited time cash incentive for apprenticeship training

Thursday, 25 Feb 2021

The Government have stepped up, but it expires soon!

£3,000 for every apprentice trained. An apprentice can be a current member of staff, or a new hire.

The incentive does not have to be paid back and can be spent as needed, such as towards the salary of the apprentice in question. If you observe that an apprentice’s National Minimum Wage, due to being unqualified, is £4.30 (as of April 2021), the average hourly rate becomes less than £3.00 if the cash incentive is taken into account.

The purpose behind the apprenticeship is that:

  • the skills learned are relevant to the job role
  • evidence can be produced of skills being applied

This makes apprenticeship training the best form of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as it comes with a qualification and guarantees the use of all new knowledge and skills.

The Government is driving more effective work skills and stimulating job opportunity, and Commun-IT is a digital skills specialist Approved Training Provider. Employers must formally have their apprentices start training with a Commun-IT programme before the end of March 2021. You can browse our courses; We highly recommend IT skills or Digital Marketing and Content Production skills for businesses to bounce back from Covid-19 in a strategic and long-term fashion.

You can read also about our bespoke course in Content Marketing which can drive business outcomes from the first month!

How can you say no to a new member of staff for 32 hours a week for a full year, at a cost of circa £4,000? Especially when Commun-IT can take care of recruitment for you!

Book a call with one our specialist advisors to get started as quickly as possible.

Large companies have been able to recruit and train at scale, thereby being awards hundreds of thousands of pounds in incentive payments. We highly encourage SMEs to benefit from this scheme before it expires. Further details and sources are referenced in our article: Government cash incentives for employees for training their employees

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