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Why would a teacher be a good choice for apprenticeship training?

Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021

We have heard many a time that teachers are stretched, with a lot of work to do. These good souls sometimes volunteer to deliver above and beyond what they have been asked. It may be to run an after school coding club, it may be to assist with computer rooms and IT facilities, amongst many others.

The question about doing so much work is: Is the training for those job functions up to date?

In digital technology, not only are there best practices that you can put in your own school rulebook, but the landscape keeps changing. Data security, online safety, threats of all kinds persist and evolve. It is important that people handling IT resources in a school are fully qualified to do so. Teachers are very motivated learners because they have to be – why not give them an opportunity to become more hands-on with school IT infrastructure? If they are already quite hands-on, provide a qualification to consolidate and celebrate their skills.

The notion of teachers staying qualified is infamous due to INSET days: Teachers all have ongoing ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) that keeps them up to date with laws, regulation, expectation, guidance and much more. What then, is in place by way of digital skills for teachers?

Commun-IT highly recommends any professional who’s job role requires computer literacy, to consider IT Apprenticeship Training. Teachers who are already contributing to computer projects, ICT Suites and Digital Hubs, should be trained to do it the right and modern way. As the government is funding 95% of the training costs, it is a notably wise time to use the opportunity whilst it lasts.

Schools should also consider offering apprenticeship job opportunities to school leavers. As digital skills are becoming increasingly important in a vast number of job roles, even an indecisive young individual who wants to take a break from education and work instead, would be leaps forward in their job opportunities by working as an IT apprentice. Digital natives, as they are called, would excel with the expert guidance that Commun-IT provides in our school-tailored IT Apprenticeship.

Teachers who want to take a break from teaching and learn digital skills, or further their career

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